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Webserver Nepal  operates multiple email servers with SD technology to ensure the fastest delivery and email reliability you need.

What are my email sending limits?

Email Account Limits

The following limits apply to all messages sent via authenticated SMTP. This will primarily be used for email sent via a mail client, but can also include mail sent via your website if configured to send via SMTP.

We impose a limit of 8,000 messages per e-mail address per 24 hours.

Our email system operates on a network that ranks amongst the best in the industry in terms of network performance and service availability..

All plans also include:

  • Custom Domain-based email
  • Safe access with 2FA
  • Unified Inbox
  • Anti-spam protection
  • POP3/IMAP/Webmail access
  • HTML signatures

Email virus protection

 Our email uses the latest techniques to protect you and your recipient.

All emails and forwarders sent and received are subject to advanced antivirus and anti-spam protection.

We use 3 layers of inbound spam and virus scanning:


Commercial anti-spam blacklists from Spamhaus, Invaluement and Barracuda Networks are used to reject mail from known spam networks.


Any known malware signatures are rejected.


Messages are scanned for spam-like characteristics and filtered into the ‘junk mail’ folder.

Email deliverability

Being certain that an email will arrive at its destination is essential, especially in business. So we work hard to keep our excellent reputation with email service providers – like Microsoft, Google, AOL and BT.

We also improve deliverability using the Domain Name System (DNS). They work to protect you and your email contacts against spam, impersonation, phishing and spoofing.


The Sender Policy Framework helps to prevent spammers sending messages that appear to come from your domain. We maintain an SPF record in the DNS that’s kept up to date with all IP addresses used to transmit email from our network.


The DomainKeys Identified Mail system will apply a digital signature to outgoing email. The recipient’s spam filter can check that the email is authentic by querying the domain in the DNS, and verifying that digital signature.

Stay mobile with your email

Access your private email account and contacts from anywhere, anytime through your web browser, any mobile device or desktop clients like Outlook or Mac Mail.

Easy Collaboration

Collaborate securely and simply with business email hosting. Our Business and Enterprises plans feature full groupware support, allowing you to share emails, documents and spreadsheets, appointments, contacts, task lists and more.

Clean email, Safe email

Email hosting plans come complete with powerful Anti-Spam and Virus protection which automatically blocks spam and infected email attachments that can cause major damage to your business.

Spammers not welcome

If you’re using the email accounts , you don’t want people to harm your reputation (and ours) by sending out masses of ‘spam’ email. So we monitor outgoing emails to ensure this doesn’t happen and operate a zero-tolerance spam policy.